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  1. Overview

  2. WASH refers to the essential services related to water supply, sanitation, and hygiene. Ensuring access to clean water, proper sanitation facilities, and hygiene education is crucial for overall health, well-being, and educational outcomes. In India, WASH programs are critical for schools and communities to create a healthy and conducive environment.
  3. The Challenge

  4. Infrastructure Gaps:
    Many schools in urban and rural Maharashtra lack basic infrastructure such as toilets for boys and girls, adequate water supply, and proper waste disposal facilities.
  5. Hygiene Practices:
    Promoting good hygiene practices among students and communities remains a challenge. This includes handwashing, menstrual hygiene management, and safe disposal of waste.
  6. Maintenance and Sustainability:
    Even when infrastructure is in place, ensuring regular maintenance and sustainability is often overlooked.
  7. Behavioural Change:
    Changing behaviour and attitudes toward hygiene requires consistent efforts and community engagement.

Improving WASH infrastructure in schools and communities

Behavioural Change Communication Programs on Personal Health and Hygiene.

Behavioural Change Communication Programs on Menstrual Health