MUSTRun – Dec 14, 2014 masr run1

The Cause

mast run1

Participating in a marathon always feels good but it feels GREAT if it is bay an essay on for a noble cause. On this early Sunday morning school students, several professional athletes, amateurs, and differently-abled individuals flooded the streets of Bandra to make H-West Ward disabled friendly. On the 14th of December 2014, Citizens Association for Child Rights and H-West Federation organized an event titled ” MUSTRun” that brought together all these people from different walks of life along with 500 municipal school
students. The 4th edition of MUSTRun marathon flagged off from St. Stanislaus High School grounds and this year it included 6 races ranging from a 21 Km race (men and women) to a special 1 Km race for the disabled.The outreach was over 4000 participants and volunteers from all over the city.  

Our Objectivesmast run 2

The main objectives of the marathon were to start an Access for All project to create a barrier-free H-West Ward which will ensure ease of access to infrastructure for the handicapped as well as to senior citizens, pregnant women and people with injury. It also supported an Oral Health Awareness Campaign along with H-west Federation’s partner The Dental Nexus to spread the importance of good dental hygiene among the population.

Our Commitment To The Kids

Citizens Association for Child Rights was personal goals paper represented by approximately 500 school children in age group 11-16 years from neighborhood Municipal schools who participated in the 2 Km run. Last year , we had around 250 students participate in MUSTRun and it was heart breaking to see the students battle with discomfort as they ran without shoes. It was their enthusiasm and perseverance that helped them complete the race. Thus this year CACR worked towards raising funds to get all 520+ students new pairs of shoes and socks. Thanks to all the donors who gave generously. /1988/CRUISER-YACHT-INC./3170/32-FT /2018/MONTEREY/258SS/25-FT/details-5371741/contact-form?contactFormToken=dmtsZHJkaGplZnV0a3RudWplbnJkYmRqfE5UTTNNVGMwTVRvNg== apteka mujchine for man ukonkemerovo woditely driver.

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