Computer Literacy Project creative writing thesis defense clp1 help creating a thesis sentence With the aim of assisting the students in Municipal School to be computer (I.T.) Literate, CACR collaborates with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, which has developed video lessons called ‘Spoken tutorials’. The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the ‘Talk to a Teacher’ activity of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India.

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Need for CLP in MCGM Schools: Business Plan Help For Veterans Many Municipal Schools have a computer lab with functional computers but don’t have qualified teachers to impart basic IT skills. Moreover, students from the vernacular mediums are unable to grasp the language and keyboard content in English. To address this need gap CACR introduced basic computer training via multi-lingual spoken tutorials in MCGM Schools. In few Schools, where spoken tutorials could
not be implemented the CACR members with an I.T. background trained students on their own.

Project Implementation:

pre written high school essays 1380010_568204363227256_2092763914_nThis was the 2nd consecutive year of project implementation in various MCGM Schools by CACR.
There has been both a quantitative and qualitative improvement this year.

Stats from 2013 -14: resume writing services greensboro nc • Number of Schools – 11 Schools (IIT spoken tutorials) + 5 Schools (non-IIT CLP).

essay writer no plagiarism • Wards – K (E), K (W), M (E), M (W), H (W), G (N) Buy Solidworks 2010 Premium oem • Student Bodies volunteering – Enactus HR College, Social wing Vivekanand Engineering College and Citizen Volunteers, TATA CMC (corporate employees).
• Total number of students benefitted- 1250 to 1300 students.

source url • Basic IT skills picked up by students in 3 – 4 hours of program exposure: keyboard familiarity, text typing, editing, saving and opening a document. • Teacher training : 24 teachers in 6 Schools trained for 1 day by CACR; IIT conducted the teacher training program too.

next • Volunteers : Richa, Roshni, Ishan, Jinal, Zinal, HR Enactus students, VESIT SoRT group, Deepak Wadhwani, Akhil Killawala, Prafula Killawala, Sheeba Nair, Anju Agarwal, Kalpana Joshi, Dr Wagle, Archana Wagle, Tanklane volunteers, among others.

Stats from 2014 -15:


source link • Number of Schools – 21 Schools (IIT spoken tutorials) + 5 Schools (non – IIT CLP).

follow url • Wards – G (S), F (N), H (E), H (W), K (E). • Student Bodies volunteering – Enactus HR, NSS Ruia and KC Colleges, NMIMS student wing andCACR members. uml assignment help • Total number of students benefitted -1400 students.

source site • Basic IT skills picked up by students in 3 – 4 hours of program exposure : Keyboard familiarity, text typing, editing, saving and opening a document, making a spreadsheet, inserting photos in a document, creating charts. • Volunteer : Enactus HR, Ruia, NSS, NMIMS and KC College Students, CACR members, Narinder Madan, Dilmohan Nidharak and Rahul Mody.

english paper due tomorrow • There was a 102% increase in number of students who underwent computer training using IIT spoken tutorials.

Increase in Computer Literacy Impact help writing a persuasive essay Total no of students benefitted in 2 years – 2600 +


Train the Teacher:

teacher traingTo make the Computer Literacy Project sustainable it is essential to train the teachers in the Schools who must takeover when the CACR volunteers leave. Especially, when the aim of the project is not to adopt the Municipal School or its responsibilities but offer a limited time-bound support. Ultimately the system must effectively function and by equipping the MCGM teachers with the required skill sets we hope to phase out the trainings and instead monitor the program for consistent quality in teaching. With this in mind CACR members have conducted a number of teacher training workshops on Computer Literacy in Municipal Schools across various language mediums. Usually teachers from a medium attend the meetings together with a full workshop comprising of 10 teachers or number of desktops at the venue. Each session is of about 3 hour’s duration.

A training program for teachers and administrative officers was conducted in H (W) Ward School by CACR Member Dr Sharad Wagle was well attended by 15 – 16 teachers and administrative officers said:

traing“Last year I was able to bring a majority of students at Petit School to what I would call a reasonable level of computer literacy. What they needed was further practice so that they can improve their speed and confidence. From my experience I feel each MCGM School student from class 4 to 7 can become computer literate in one semester through effective 8-10 computer sessions! But we need to find out how the teachers can be made accountable to what they teach. Without that I am afraid it will be a case of so much water down the drain, no matter how we help them”

Continued Efforts:

CACR has successfully lobbied with the MCGM departments to ensure each of the 200 School buildings get its very own full time computer teacher. Also, CACR is pushing for a provision for the annual maintenance and anti-virus protection contracts for the computers by the education department. In 2015 – 2016 CACR plans to continue this program to bridge the digital divide and take on the ambitious target to make 1.5 lakh students in upper primary MCGM Schools computer literate. More collaboration with College student bodies for volunteer support is underway.

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