Computer Literacy Project Coordinators

Zinal ShahZinal Shah

Designation: Computer Literacy Project Head does custom writings work What Zinal has to say: I am an IT engineering graduate with a post graduation in Operations.  I have been a volunteer with CACR since two years, first for the Computer Literacy Project and then helping with the blog. I am very fortunate that Mr. Nitin and Dr Richa gave me this opportunity to be a Project Head for the Computer Literacy Project



Devesh punjabi

Devesh Punjabi Hip Hop Paper College : HR College

go Designation: Coordinator good cover letters for resume What Devesh has to say: Being a person with self-confidence and positive attitude, I believe to keep my personal life and professional life separate. I want to do something in life by which a new milestone is created in the world.

CACR is the platform which helps to shape and change the life of thousand children’s in BMC School. I have been lucky enough to be a part of such an organisation which gives me inner happiness that is difficult to find it in today’s world. Being a CLP coordinator for few BMC schools in Santacruz and Khar has given me an opportunity to learn a lot of things. I am responsible for managing the volunteers and being a point of contact with the schools.My role was to communicate with volunteers from different colleges, the HMs of the schools, and ensuring the sessions are completed within stipulated time smoothly. The best thing of being a CLP coordinator is the skills that I developed along the way, multi tasking and time management which are essential to prosper in life.The best moment I had when I saw the smiles on the school children’s face while learning computers. The guidance by CACR core team had made my journey like a cake walk. scholarship essays for single mothers limiter

Fenny ShahFenny Shah

go site College Name: HR college Designation: Coordinator What Fenny has to say: I am Fenny, currently in SYBMS, Finance specialization of HR college.  My journey with CACR has been that of constant growth. From being a volunteer and a social media intern for CACR in my first year to a leader in my second year leading many volunteers, CACR has given me tremendous confidence. CACR has given me an opportunity to be with the kids and also be a part of the whole back-end process. Moreover, I would like to thank Mr. Nitin Wadhwani who has been more than a guide and a mentor to me, a friend who is highly approachable. Also, Dr. Richa and Ms. Zinal have been really responsible for the growth that I see in me. limiter

Himesh TulsianiHimesh Tulsiani

College name: NSS Unit of Thadomal Shahani College of Engineering

Designation: Coordinator and Master Trainer

What Himesh has to say: I am a third year IT Engineering student under the Mumbai University. I have been a part of CACR since four months, my experience has been wonderful.

CACR is a great medium and opportunity to get in touch with the real education system prevailing in our country by showing reality of management and working of BMC Schools. I sincerely appreciate the initiative and efforts of CACR to try to bring a change in the current education system.

I have tried to give my best to help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives .Also I am thankful to CACR for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.


Hitesh ParyaniHitesh Paryani

College name: NSS unit of Thadomal Shahani College of Engineering

Designation: Coordinator

What Hitesh has to say: My name is Hitesh S.Paryani and I am currently in the Third year IT department of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College. Also, I am a part of the NSS unit of TSEC. I have been working with CACR since last 6 months.

My experience with CACR can’t be expressed through words. It has given me chance to develop my personality through community service. It has been a great journey with the team and I have learned many things about the education system in our country.

I just hope CACR continues to work in this direction and also explore many new aspects of the society.


Kajal JadhavKajal Jadhav

College Name: NSS unit of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College custom essay writing service professays  Designation: Coordinator

What Kajal has to say: My name is Kajal Jadhav. I am currently in third year pursuing Biomedical Engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College. I am also a part of the NSS unit of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College.

Computer literacy project of CACR is a unique one and great initiative taken by CACR to make computer education a necessary part of every school. It is a valuable experience working with CACR and team. I am getting to learn a lot about team and time management.

May this enthusiasm to work for the society continue and wishing CACR all the best for future programs.



Ritu LahotiRitu Lahoti

College name: NSS unit of Thadomal Shahani College of Engineering

Designation: Coordinator

What Ritu has to say: I am currently in my third year of Biomedical Engineering from TSEC. Apart from studying, I’m also involved in some social work. NGO CACR is one of the platforms. Here, I have been working as a coordinator for the CLP (Computer Literacy Project) where I have got an opportunity to develop various skills and was involved in various task such as visiting the Municipal schools, getting the timetable and other updates, allotting schedule to the volunteers, contacting the HMs regarding the sessions and so on. This coordination experiences helps me to understand managerial roles and responsibilities.

On visiting some sessions and after seeing the enthusiasm and happiness on the children’s face, I personally feel how effective and worthy this project is. I feel proud to be a part of such a great revolution. Thanks to the CACR organising team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. My School Essay Writing Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

My best wishes to CACR and hope they bring in more of these amazing projects for the welfare of the society and the nation.



College Name – NMIMS, School of Law

Designation: Coordinator

What Keshav has to say: “Children are our most valuable resource”, having said that, I believe if you educate the children in the society, this world will be a better place to live in. I am in the 2nd year of my five years of Integrated Law course B.B.A LL.B(H) in NMIMS.

My aim in life is not to be an exorbitant corporate lawyer; rather it is to serve the society and the country with my intellectual capacity and experiences. I am an avid reader, mostly non-fiction and philosophy. Travel and photography are some of my interests. I am currently working in Nivaran Online, LLP which is a legal startup that redresses consumer grievances. We charge very minimal for our legal consultancy.

My work at CACR is basically to bridge the gap between the volunteers and the HMs of BMC schools. I am obliged to the organisation for letting me use my management skills for the betterment of the society as a whole. Children in the BMC schools, apart from their syllabus are taught about the life in the real world, basic general knowledge, the importance of education and other life lessons along with sessions on the very fundamental knowledge to operate computers.

I connected myself with CACR, for the two main reasons; firstly, it has given me a platform to do what I had been dreaming of – to make children aware of their rights, and secondly, it has essentially facilitated me to spend some time with the BMC student. It is from them I have learned many life lessons, best of them being; to be inquisitive and eager to learn everything life has to offer.

The volunteers whom I am responsible for are dedicated to their work and have that spark to teach the students selflessly and I always make it a point to help them where required.

To sum up, it is a great experience, there are very few people who give their valuable time and do not expect anything in return and I see those kinds of people in this organization. I feel blessed to be a part of it, african american essay #respect.



Jitisha Chhettri

College-Thadomal Shahani Engineering College


What Jitisha has to say: I am a 4th year biomedical engineering student under Mumbai University. I have been with CACR since six months and every day is a new learning day. Teaching something is always a bigger challenge and teaching computers to students is the biggest, especially in BMC schools.

It is great thought and idea which helps in showing equality of education for all students. CACR has inspired me to work and think out of the box.

As a coordinator, I have given my best to implement this program and I hope I will continue this work in future to bring further changes in the education system. Thank you CACR for giving me an opportunity to open up my mind and observe a lot of thinks and helping me to think for others.


Kosha Raval

Kosha Raval

College: Thadomal Shahani Engineering College

What Kosha has to say:  I am currently pursuing biotechnology engineering and am in the third year. I always wished to bring some change in the society or atleast contribute in a small way towards it.

CACR has given me this opportunity to make that small change by educating people who actually need it and are the future of our country.

These kids will shape the future and we are guiding then towards it in a way that is beneficial for both the sides.

Also CACR has helped to boost my confidence as well as the leadership skills.

Thank you CACR for the same!


JpegKrupesh Pandya

Designation : Coordinator

What Krupesh has to say: I was part of CLP (Computer Literacy Project) last year, but as volunteer responsible for teaching in few schools which I thoroughly enjoyed. This year, my responsibility increased and I coordinate between volunteers and schools, so the growth has been tremendous.

The exposure is good, the perks, workshops, concert tickets and meetings with like-minded people who want to help, both young and experienced, promotes growth.

To thank a few of the many, I’m very thankful to Meena aunty for introducing me to CACR; Nitin Sir for the humour, encouragement and executing the thought CACR; Dr.Richa for teaching dedication and pro activism; Zinal for guiding tirelessly & her patience; & my parents for providing with all means to do what I enjoy.

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