CACR Interns

gauravGaurav Vazirani College name: Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology.

trading online con meno di 100 euro Designation: Technology Intern

binary option prosignals What Gaurav had to say: I am a computer Engineering student under the Mumbai University. I am currently studying in the third year of my bachelor’s degree. I am an avid sports’ fan and enjoy watching English T.V. series’. I Interned with CACR because it gave me an opportunity to practice my skills under the guidance of a professional programmer. Also, I get to apply these skills for a good cause which is wonderful.„1¤7/a> indicatori opzioni binarie infalibili I have mainly been working on the front end design of the CACR website which requires command over computer coding languages such as HTML and CSS. I have also been working on editing some of the content on the website with the help of software like Photoshop so far.

beställa Tadalafil flashback My experience with CACR has been really amazing because I have had an opportunity to sharpen my skills and use them for the greater good of the society. I have worked under some very humble members who really work hard for the betterment of the facilities available to the children of Mumbai.

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Harshan Nidharak College name: MMK College, Bandra (University of Mumbai)

opzioni binarie top Designation: Marketing Intern & Spokesperson. To use marketing in a commercial aspect is everyone’s ambition but only a few will be satisfied to go beyond to serve the society and i was lucky to come across such a group.

My experience with CACR: The process of getting wise needs the route of education since CACR is committed to improve means for the ones from below the poverty line all associated with it are blessed to work for such a cause.


Aakash Chhatlani


College name: Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology.

Designation: Technology Intern.

What Aakash had to say: Myself Aakash Chhatlani currently doing Computer Engineering(6th sem) from Vivekanand College. I am the part of CACR since december 2014. I am well versed with the technical skills such as C, Java, Web Technologies and Android Programming.

As CACR believes that “Not for profit;All for children” and it is known that ”Education is not the filling of the pail, but lightning of a fire” so i found a great opportunity and a platform for such a social and impressive cause also CACR provides me an opportunity to showcase my skills in the right place.

My work in CACR as a technology intern assisting the technical team of CACR in web development which includes the programming in various web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also help out in various events organised by CACR. Since I am a part of this NGO from a short spell of time I am not having much experience with it. But I would say that the interaction, guidance and learning experience from CACR with such a cause is nice and will help me in my future life.



sheilviSheilvi Sanghavi

College name: HR College.

Designation: Social Media Intern.

What Sheilvi had to say: I am an extremely lazy, hopeless romantic. A couple of good words put together can do wonders for me. Being born and brought up in India, I have been surrounded by the lack of education and knowledge of one’s rights. These problems including women and animal rights have been very close to my heart since my school days. After working with Muktangan and other NGO’s, I have come to realise how little things build up to the big difference.

CACR is a platform where education is given the importance it deserves. Starting small, CACR pushes each and every BMC student towards better education, making them a better person and assuring them a future and a better life. From basic education to real computer skills, the slightest of detailing isnt left out. This is exactly what CACR does, adds up the little things, giving the rising generation of India a chance at becoming big.

Giving me a chance to be a part of this, is nothing but an honor. I have loved every second of it. From the support and hard work put behind each session to the appreciation after one, they have made me feel every bit of difference I have made. From my previous experiences, I have helped build roads and fix solar-powered lighting in houses. With CACR, I was given the opportunity to give young students a chance to do it for themselves someday.


monishMonish Keswani

College name: Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology.

Designation: Technology Intern.

What Monish had to say: I am pursuing B.E. in Computer Engineering at VESIT. I am a mature, positive and hardworking individual, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible, at any given task. I enjoy learning new things. My hobbies are reading books, watching movies and catching up with friends.

I love to work with those willing to help the underpriviledged ones. CACR is an organization that works for affected children’s of government schools. Many children’s leave the school because the quality of teaching in government schools is not up to the mark. They don’t even complete their primary education which is mandatory for all students. Developing an environment that helps the students to develop interest in education as well as realize the importance of education is very much necessary.

I sincerely appreciate the efforts of CACR to try to bring a change in the current system. This inspired me to join CACR. Though I have joined CACR a month ago, my experience has been wonderful. I have tried to give my 100% input to help the organization achieve its objective.


meeshaMeesha Gandhi

College name: HR College.

Designation: Social Media Intern.

What Meesha had to say: I am a self confessed foodie, a die-hard movie (especially Bollywood) fanatic, queen of dancing, an adrenaline junkie and an absolute canine lover. I gain pleasure in helping people and feel strongly about women’s rights. I believe in giving freedom, gaining responsibility & respect, thinking on my feet, taking risks and ALWAYS thinking beyond the box to reach further and fly higher!

CACR is a great medium to get in touch with the ‘real’ education system prevailing in our country. Education is an integral part of each individual’s life. CACR helps make sure that the lakhs of students attending the BMC schools get the best of this very education. What makes this organization even more special is the direct involvement of the citizens with the functioning of the schools. The reason I joined CACR was because it is one thing to just sit back and criticize the government, but it is another to ‘actually’ be a part of this system as responsible citizen and make a change and CACR is doing just that.

It was a really great experience working with CACR. With the constant guidance of the heads and senior members of the organization I was able to develop many new qualities like public speaking, social media marketing and most importantly management of time and resources.



piyushPiyush Khosla

College name: KES College, Khar.

Designation: Creative Design Intern.

What Piyush had to say: A graphic Designer, VFX artist and an editor. I have a taste for techology and craze for creativty, I am a young designer aspiring to make it big. A second year student of mass media an extrovert by nature I like to meet new people and wish to travel places which have never seen or have been explored. I have a mind that never stops working and I constantly bring up and create something fun.

CACR is one organization I came across through a friend and in the first meeting I decided to join this initiative as an intern. It helped me to improve my own set of skills but at the same time I am able help children and make a diffrence in the society as it gave me the opportunity to be of some service

Since joining CACR I have carried out number of activites from making creative videos for virtual class room as well as going to BMC schools and conducting activites and much more. My experince with CACR has been wonderfull and amazing. It gave me the opportunity to interact with new people and to take on challanges and it was fun as well. People Like Dr. Richa Singh, Mr. Dilmohan Nidharak and Mr Nitin Wadwani are making a huge diffrence and thier contribution to this cause has inspired me to work even more.


fennyFenny Shah

College name: HR College.

Designation: Social Media Intern.

What Fenny had to say: This is Fenny shah pursuing BMS with Honours from HR college of Commerce and Economics. I am a person who likes dancing,cooking,watching movies but at the same time I also prefer doing something good for the society. I love teaching kids and I enjoy being with them.

My intership with CACR has been a wonderful learning experience. Here, I have spent a lot of time with BMC children. In the process have also enhanced my social media marketing skills. I have realized how important it is to be pre-prepared and be organized. I thank CACR to have given me such a wonderful opportunity.limiter

manishManish Vasandnani

College name: Vivekanand Education Society’s for Arts and Commerce.

Designation: Technology Intern.

What Manish had to say: I am the student of VES College,Chembur pursuing Bsc IT third year. I have been certified as of Microsoft SQL Developer in January 2014.

I joined CACR as a technology intern so that I can implement my IT knowledge for a noble cause. I have voluntered at Mastrun programme held in december 2014. I have prepared webpage for MastRun Programme. It has been very learning experience working with CACR and I feel proud working with a NGO that helps the municipal school students to get better education.limiter

deveshDevesh R Punjabi

College name: H.R College.

Designation: Social Media Intern.

What Devesh had to say: I am a person with self-confidence and positive attitude. I not like to have targets but also believe to achieve them. I belive in team work as it helps work with new people in a group. I believe to keep my personal life and proffesional life different. I wont say much, but I want to do something in life by which a new milestone is created in the world.

CACR is the platform which helps to shape and change the life of thousand children’s. The happiness, which I get by helping and being a part of such, an amazing organization is the best I could ever get. I have been teaching children in Khar Danda school from more than an month and its an amazing experience with them.

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