About CACR

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

What is CACR?

http://www.altoretti.us/web-content-writing/ web content writing Citizens Association for Child Rights-CACR , is a network of like bay an essay on buy-essay.co minded citizens concerned about ensuring child rights with specific focus on ensuring good quality of education and health for all children.

Uf Admission Essay Buy The network comprises of citizens who will visit neighbourhood municipal schools and clinics, and participate in various programmes like School Management Committees, Computer Literacy Programme and Virtual Classroom projects, etc. and oversee the overall functioning and quality of education in municipal schools.

http://calpoly.lambdaphiepsilon.com/cheap-windows-7-get/ cheap windows 7 get We at CACR believe that regular interaction and discussions with the hierarchy of the Education Department and sharing of observations and suggestions with them periodically will ensure improved accountability and proper distribution of facilities and amenities for children enrolled in these schools.

what service means to me essay Citizens Association for Child Rights very strongly believes in supplementing the system and does not believe in creating parallel systems. We believe that the urban privileged public has immense power to influence and impact the lives of affected children for the better through government interface and participation.

http://www.eqima.org/dissertation-word/ dissertation word In each ward we are a group of like-minded people who easy writing service volunteer for this issue.

custom motorcycle resume The network is being formed in Mumbai in the following Municipal Wards:-

  • H {west }ward of Mumbai covering Bandra (w), Khar (w) and Santacruz (w)
  • M {west} ward covering Chembur, Ghatkopar and Mankurd
  • H { east} ward comprising of Bandra (e), Khar (e) and Santacruz (e) east including Kalina and Vakola
  • K {east} ward covering Andheri (e), Vile Parle (e), and Jogeshwari (e)
  • K {west} ward covering Andheri (w) and Vile Parle west including Juhu.

The effort is to build a locality based effort to address the issues affecting children and underprivileged communities.

Short Term Goals

  • Enrol children in BMC schools
  • Ensure student retention in schools
  • Extend civil rights (ration cards, housing etc.) to deprived communities
  • Activate systems under the Right to Health
  • Demand proper rehabilitation for child labour and implementation of the Child Labour Act

Long Term Goals

  • Build a voice for affected children and community rights
  • Build a network of urban citizens to be able to take on the role of demanding accountability and advocacy better

Early Steps

http://gccwines.com/calculus-homework-solutions/ calculus homework solutions We started this work in July 2007 in the H West Ward of Mumbai, with a community of pavement-dwelling families in Khar. The children of the community were at that time working or begging to add to the meagre earnings for the families’ day-to-day survival. As we struggled with the harsh realities that faced pavement dwellers – constant harassment by the Police and local builders, for one, our belief that these denizens of India’s commercial capital were being denied their rights as equal citizens, grew. We started by convincing the parents to send their children to the nearby BMC school.

http://bcn.uprrp.edu/trash/?write-my-research-paper-in-mla-format write my research paper in mla format From this grew the conviction that if a child is being deprived, we as citizens of Mumbai must create awareness and demand accountability from the local governance. After all, a child does not exist in isolation and thus to make a difference to children’s lives, we have to work on the larger human rights issues holistically.


click here Education is a fundamental right in India and only the government has the resources and reach to take education to all children. Besides education rendered by the State is to be secular and a means of integrating society by working to bring children of all castes, classes, gender and religions together. Schooling provided by the State has a vision of creating a just society. Can you afford to undo this in today’s time?

source Agree that the government schooling system is crumbling. But there is hope if we take action and participate in the efficient running of schools from infrastructure to learning. At least we can try and start from our neighbourhood municipal school. If we succeed, we would have strengthened the system and made it possible for many more children to experience formal education. If we fail, we know we at least tried to exercise our democratic right.

http://www.mikasafarmington.com/online-help-college-essays/ There can be no change without a dream, a hope and an effort. If one wants to ensure that justice is done then one has to participate as a ‘rights conscious citizen’ demanding what ought to be.

home page If you pay taxes and are concerned about roads, electricity, water, garbage disposal, infrastructure etc. then so also be concerned about education and all other child rights issues. It is our duty to build a child rights sensitive India.

CACR has taken on as its focus the ‘Right to Education’

follow link Education became a fundamental right in the year 2001. It is the right of every child to have access to free, equal and good quality education! Several government schemes and initiatives have been taken up to ensure children go to school but opportunities and conditions of schooling remain unequal.

source Let us work together with the Education Department to improve the quality of education in all BMC schools.

http://1907.ch/?can-i-buy-essays-online can i buy essays online We have devised a set of ‘Monitoring Indicators’ that we use while we visit Municipal schools to collect data about the functioning of the school. This data is then shared with all members of CACR and with the Education department. Further action on effective implementation of schemes and ensuring quality education for all children is to be planned and implemented together.

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